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Samsung: Providing fast and
seamless service in India

Personal service and support for all Samsung products

Samsung is expanding its network of Customer Service Plazas across India. One of these Plazas, run by B2X, is in Ahmedabad where customers receive personal service for all Samsung products.

What was 
our strategy?

Smartphone growth in India is exploding. People are simply crazy about mobile and consumer electronic products. Today, India is one of the key markets for Samsung, the global leader in consumer electronics.

If one of Samsung´s customers needs help with an electronic device, highly qualified support experts assist at the Samsung Customer Service Plaza run by B2X. The goal is to solve issues on the spot directly in the store and even repair broken devices while customers wait.

What was the customer experience?

The B2X managed Customer Service Plaza sets new standards in terms of customer care experience. People get fast and seamless support from highly trained and certified customer care experts.

Since the launch of the Samsung Customer Service Plaza in Ahmedabad, customer satisfaction has reached new record levels exceeding 90 percent. Meanwhile, B2X handles more than 25 thousand service incidents each month across India.

Solutions used:


B2X SUPPORT provides trusted and personal support and service to people with in-warranty and out-of-warranty incidents.


B2X REPAIR provides a scalable repair solution for electronic products – on all technical levels at the highest quality and highest cost efficiency.

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