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Motorola: Value-added services for smartphone users in Europe powered by B2X

Instant online help for smartphone defects such as a broken displays

Motorola offers attractive service offerings such as extended service plans, accidental damage protection and out-of-warranty repair services through a web portal. B2X operates the online service as an all-in-one solution.

What was 
our strategy?

The demand for out-of-warranty service offerings is skyrocketing. Accidental damage such as broken displays or water damage are among the most common service cases for smartphones.

In cooperation with B2X, Motorola has launched a new web portal to provide its customers with instant help for all problems related to their smartphone. Customers receive manufacturer-certified services of the best possible quality.

What Motorola says:

“B2X is a partner that not only meets our high quality repair and service standards, but also plays a crucial role in offering our customers the best possible customer service experience online via our new web portal.”

Simon Teague,
EMEA Service Director, Motorola

What was the client experience?

B2X operates the web portal as a one-stop shop solution on behalf of Motorola. From setting up the online shop to fixing broken smartphones, B2X assumes responsibility for all the core processes of the new service offering.

The portal www.motorolacare.com is available in twelve European countries and offers an incredibly simple and seamless customer care experience. Motorola customers can book a repair for out-of-warranty damages with just a few clicks.

Solutions used:


Create a worry-free product usage experience with comprehensive insurance solutions.


Repair product issues in no time with best-in-class repair and field service solutions.

B2X SMARTCARE Technology

Get on top of all service operations through our unique service management platform.

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