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Apple: Delivering superior
customer care in India

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Personal service and support for all Apple products

Apple’s ambitions for the Indian market are as high as anywhere else in the world: The world’s most loved technology brand strives to continuously exceed customer expectations.

What was our strategy?

People want to be online all the time. Any disruption to their digital live needs to be resolved in a matter of minutes. That’s why Apple continues to invest in its customer care ecosystem.

B2X operates 22 Apple authorized service centers across India where people using Apple products receive immediate help – from software support and device diagnosis to hardware repair services for in-warranty and out-of-warranty issues.

What was the customer experience?

As a one-stop-shop, B2X provides Apple with a complete customer care solution that combines operations and technology. Among all customer care partners in India, B2X achieves the highest customer satisfaction scores.

With 22 exclusive authorized service centers, B2X is one of Apple’s largest service partners in India with a presence in all major cities.

Solutions used:


B2X SUPPORT provides trusted and personal support and service to people with in-warranty and out-of-warranty incidents.


B2X REPAIR provides a scalable repair solution for electronic products – on all technical levels at the highest quality and highest cost efficiency.

Customers who need help with their Apple device can contact us here: Apple Support

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