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Warehouse solutions for
regional and global
product streams

Warehouse solutions for regional and global product streams

Setup and implement your product
warehouse and deployment strategy
with B2X

Our clients run international and critical supply chains to make its products available to its markets. B2X supports them in setting up the right and bespoke packaging, warehousing or e-commerce solutions that scales as their business grows.

By leveraging an integrated global partner network of regional and international contract logistic service providers, B2X is building bespoke solutions able to respond rapidly, flexibly and effectively to changing market conditions.

  • Tailored to the needs of small- and medium-size business
  • Long- and short-term storage
  • From bulk inventory storage to lot or serialized controlled inventories
  • Real time inventory management and visibility

B2X Warehousing & Inventory Solutions

Material & Demand Planning

AOvoid missing opportunities due to stock-out or non-organized inventories. Let B2X help you plan spare parts and finished goods inventories when setting up a regional or international warehouse strategy based on historic consumption or demand patterns.

  • Inventory forecasting
  • Safety stock planning
  • Time-phased replenishment and re-order planning

Inbound Logistics

In international projects and repair service setups it becomes essential to stay on top of the spare parts and service goods logistic supply chain. From the moment goods leave the manufacturers warehouse until they arrive at the final destination, B2X supports clients in organizing delivery of material and finished goods across regions to make them available at the point of use.

  • Replenishment order management
  • Organize material importation and brokerage
  • Transportation control from source to final destination warehouse

Inventory & Warehouse Management

Overcome the challenge of lack of visibility across multiple channels and warehouses. We manage contact logistic and warehouse providers as a single-point of contact for you and help you keep track of orders, inventories, and relationships across all warehouses.

  • Realtime reporting down to serialized SKU level
  • SLA and Vendor Management

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