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Managing Product Returns
for Competitive Advantage

The circular economy amplifies the necessity for efficient electronic device returns - learn how B2X can help you.

Managed end-of-life or end-of-contract
inventory returns that saves cost and increases
product life-time-value

Efficient product return processes have become more important nowadays as margins on new product sales decline or companies have to follow new environmental protection regulations. From spare parts returns to end-of-life equipment, B2X has made investments to help its client to build competitive advantages through a resilient and consistent return process.

  • Economies of scale and reduced overall end-of-life returns management cost through single-source approach and single or bulk returns from different geographies
  • Turn end-of-life returns into loyalty programs to incentivise new product sales
  • Convenient and efficient products, parts and consumable returns
  • Combine return process with certified recycling and disposition procedures
  • Full transparency in the reverse logistic operations and good- / bad-stock inventory levels

B2X Returns Management Solutions

Reverse Logistics

Solving complex challenges from product and material returns - B2X supports electronic manufacturers and retailers in all aspects of product end-of-life and end-of-contract returns management and related environmental compliance tasks. We source the right partner network to your business requirements and design effective solutions even for your specific take-back and reverse scenarios

  • POS and at customer location pick-up and collection
  • Assisted disassembly onsite
  • Single and high-volume equipment returns

Product Screening, Triage & Filtering

Handling returned products requires a careful balance of effort and profit. B2X provides efficient product return services within our network of trusted partners that require special focus on sorting, grading and profitable remarketing or disposal services

  • Incoming inspection
  • Functional triage per manufacturer's guidelines
  • Good- & bad-stock management sorting & filtering

End-of-Life (EoOL) Services: Repair, Rework, Re-use

Handling returned products requires a careful balance of effort and profit. We understand that many items can be reintroduced in your product life-cycle value chain after they are returned. B2X provides effective remanufacturing services for products and devices, especially when combined with our sorting, grading and profitable remarketing solutions. Provided within our network of trusted processing and fulfillment partners we offer several levels of value recovery services, including reconditioning and B2B as well as B2C resell services.

  • Product cleaning, reprocessing and repackaging
  • Return to good-stock management
  • Certified equipment disposal
  • Component recycling and re-selling

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