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Each interaction matters - whether in direct communication with the consumer on the phone or processed in the back-office. When putting our skills to work on the front lines of customer service operations we are thrilled to deliver more personalized services or free-up key staff of our clients to focus on core business processes.

From self-service channels to getting in touch with the product experts, we help clients to design, implement and integrate the right guided customer service journey through the several support tiers. Regardless whether long-term, one-off or capacity overflow projects we support our clients in defining, implementing and right-size the best-fit location strategy to deliver desired operations from call entry support to 1st and 2nd level contact center operations to efficient back-office processing activities.

We do not make a difference in managing our own talents or our fulfillment partners - we all align them all to the desired business objectives such as efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction.

  • Reduced transaction cost and balance capacity overflow situations in contact centers or order entry desks
  • Provide efficient and more personalized 1st line customer support through efficient contact center services
  • Reduce cost in managing and surveilling your technical infrastructure and installed base
  • Gain scale when growing your business in new markets and regions with B2X’s single-source approach

B2X Contact & Shared Service Center Solutions

Order Management and Processing

Anything related to processing high volume customer orders to resolving lower- to mid-complexity support tasks should not bind any of your valuable resources. While your staff address unique problems pertaining to high-value interactions, let B2X take care of standard and repetitive tasks and reduce your transactional cost.

  • Order Entry processing
  • Customer onboarding support
  • Cast & Ticket Management
  • Data Capture, Validation & Approval Services

Contact Center

From standard product issues through proven processes to more complex and escalated issues requiring more sophisticated troubleshooting procedures let B2X help you to build and run the right customer service solution to assist your customer to gain a great support experience.

  • Call center and customer support processes
  • Frontline product and assisted end-user support
  • Contact center integration and onboarding

Remote Technical Support

Your business needs 100% of your attention in developing your product and always stays in the loop for competitive technologies. In order to do so you need a reliable and competent partner behind your product and a partner that knows how keep your products and infrastructure running without interruptions to your daily business operations.

  • Remote infrastructure monitoring
  • Technical support and troubleshooting
  • Problem analysis and corrective action planning
  • Onsite field service coordination

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