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B2X Post-Sales Services

Post-sales services and product life-cycle management are about so much more than just efficient spare parts & repair management and occasional help-desk support.

At B2X, we are all about helping our clients make their products stand out from competition and deliver what its users expect - great customer experiences and in-life performance. From simplifying large- and small-scale product deployments to efficient product return, repair and onsite maintenance operations or personalized first & second line technical customer support, B2X designs, implements and runs bespoke service solutions along the entire post-sales value chain.

Our single-source, multi-vendor approach helps our clients to achieve critical business goals while focusing on growing their businesses on a global scale.


Complexity Reduction

Gain higher value and reduce efforts in managing the risks and challenges arising from the nature of multi-channel/ multi-vendor service & fulfillment networks, increasing numbers of geographies and service offerings by benefiting from B2X’s single-source and service platform approach.


Go-to-market Agility and Flexibility

We help your business scale and deliver outstanding service performance in the required geographies and customer segments by leveraging our global service platform and connecting you to the right service and fulfillment networks.


Optimized Cost and Efficiency

Maximize the efficiency of your post-sales operations while optimizing your warranty obligations and cost of service. We ensure the right service setups and streamline your material, logistics and repair networks – while never losing sight of your cost, quality and customer satisfaction targets.


Improved Operations Control

Establish a single point of control for your post-sales operations, secure critical SLAs, achieve cost savings and gain new levels of efficiency and insights. Our integrated B2X ONE Service Technology Platform provides deep insights into any critical service and fulfillment control points.

Value-added Logistics

Product life-cycle management in a smarter, faster and more customer centric way. Extend traditional supply chains with our tailor made VAS solutions that drive customer experience and efficiencies and capitalize on product returns.

Maintenance & Repair

Get access to a complete product support and repair ecosystem that maximizes product uptimes and accelerates break/fixes when needed from product returns to professional repairs in specialized depots, authorized service centers or onsite.

Customer Interaction

We watch out for your customers and critical infrastructure so you don't need to. From monitoring your installed base to providing technical support and efficient backoffice processing, we build and run bespoke customer service operations.

What our clients are interested in:

B2X supports all kinds of electronic products and hardware infrastructure:

  • Mobile Tech: Smartphone, Tablets, Wearables
  • Office Equipment: Laptops / Personal Computer (PC) / Printers
  • Home Entertainment: TV Sets, Video & Audio, Speakers, Drones, etc.
  • Mobility Devices: e-Bikes, e-Scooters
  • Payment Terminals
  • Vending Machines
  • Self-service terminals and Kiosk Systems
  • And many more

Our specialized service partner network covers product support on all technical levels (L0-L4) including refurbishment services as well as product swap and advance exchange operations. Using OEM-authorized or certified third-market spare parts ensures high component and repair quality.

B2X operates on a global scale with main operations in Europe and subsidiaries in South America, India to South East Asia.

B2X runs a global Service Platform leveraging all kinds of specialized service & fulfillment partners from contract logistic companies to field service, walk-in service center and central depot repair factory operators. B2X connects, integrates and orchestrates service partners and fulfillment channels to a customer-centric solution as required to fulfill SLAs and service modes.

We manage operations from central Control Hubs / Control Towers supported by an experienced global and in-country service management field force.

All together, we call it the B2X Ensemble.

As a general contractor, B2X runs an omni-channel service network by leveraging a vast network of specialized service and fulfillment vendors. By cultivating deep partnerships with our suppliers and service partners, B2X is able to leverage and access leading and specialized companies when composing service solutions for our clients including contact center providers, contract logistic companies, field service, walk-in service center and central depot repair factory operators.

We strive for seamless integration with any of our partners and seek to standardize workflows and data exchange. Leveraging state of the art API connectors (ONE Bridge) or communications layers, B2X is able to manage service operations in near real-time and across multiple time-zones.

Besides its multi-vendor service network, B2X operates its own service centers and service field technicians in key emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia, India or Vietnam. B2X Care Experts and Walk-in Service Centers deliver high-class, personalized customer experiences – honored by our clients and awarded continuously.

Our consequent approach of regional execution and centralized control combined with our desire for end-2-end automation and integration of all relevant service processes and partners allows B2X to scale and react quickly to our clients business needs.

Material and spare part management is one of – if not – the key function to secure world-class product support and repair solutions. Staying on top of inventories in central warehouses or at our partners’ premises is a key concern of B2X.
The B2X supply chain practice covers domains such as complete parts management and inventory and consumption tracking to parts demand planning and order management.

Managing B2X-own or our clients’ assets, B2X secures high turn-over and efficient inventory levels to reduce working capital and unsatisfied demand.

Beyond traditional material supply chains, B2X offers a wide range of additional services that, as part of an overall solution that can improve the performance of our clients supply chain.

Standardization is key. In multi-geography and multi channel service networks it is a must-have. From data harmonization, standardized claim validation procedures to high-professional technical services as well as service partner accreditation / authorization routines complying to regional and international quality management systems and norms , B2X consequently secures service network compliance towards statutory regulations and our clients’ operational procedures.

B2X service partners are selected towards strict criteria supporting our business needs – from ISO-9000 certification to specific certification programs such as data erase and security or waste handling. Regular service partner audits (financial, operational, and technical) secure that our partners follow the most common quality management and compliance systems.

Leveraging learning and skill management tools, B2X secures professionalism, retention and customer orientation of all our B2X care experts and our service partners’ staff.

B2X service partners support repair of electronic products on all common repair levels from product screening, fault validation and software support (L0) to mechanical (L1-2) to electromechanical repair (L3-L4).
B2X further provides swap stock and advance exchange operations. Looking at the service experience from a customer-centric point of view, B2X process are designed and aligned to deliver performance to our clients key-metrics such as

  • Customer Interaction:
    • First Contact Resolution
    • Response times
    • Contact Quality and Customer Satisfaction (NPS, CSAT-Scores)
  • Product Support:
    • Turn-around-time (speed)
    • Bounce (Quality)<\lli>
    • Parts usage per repair (Cost)
    • Swap Rate (Cost)

Definition and setting of service levels (SLAs) is agreed with our clients in specific statements of works (SOW) and in accordance with the desired customer experience levels.

With the post-sales services becoming more and more a business differentiator, business and solution requirements grow. Therefore, B2X relies on strong service partner relationships with a trusted track-record in providing fulfillment and post-sales services. Through diversification in our partner network, B2X is able to shift repair volumes from one site to another site in due course.

Working with leading companies in its domain (such as DHL, Fedex or UPS for logistics, MTTC, Anovo, IngramMicro, CEAT, VSP or Brigthstar for product support or Teleperformance and WeHelp for Contact Center Services), B2X is able to provide reliable and high-class services to its clients at any point in time.

B2X ONE is a uniquely composed technology platform and suite of service management applications. Designed to seamlessly integrate service and fulfillment partners through standard data connectors (ONE Bridge) it covers all critical service processes in special applications from logistics management, shop floor operations, walk-in center operations to deep dive analytics and reporting dashboards.

With ONE Bridge, our proprietary data connector, B2X is able to collect, compute and harmonize data points from various sources and in various formats and make them available wherever needed or feed them back in real-time into our clients and/ or our own Control Tower applications.

B2X’s consultative approach follows our “consult-build-transfer-operate principle” – a standard customer and project onboarding approach. Depending on our clients’ requirements, the business and customization needs and scope of work, onboarding takes on average 45 to 90 days. Larger projects are typically accompanied by a Transformation Management Office that ensures efficient management and alignment of tasks among B2X and our clients project teams.

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