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SUPPORT Solutions

Provide a differentiated, personalized and innovative service experience across multiple support channels to stay ahead of today’s customer expectations. B2X enables seamless customer interactions: From self-help to assisted support, our global customer care ecosystem is ready to deliver excellent service by resolving support and repair requests efficiently and quickly.

Tailored to your business needs

Customer support journeys that put the customer service experience in the spotlight and balance the cost of service with the value-add of lasting customer relationships.

Global coverage

Deliver local, regional or global customer support by scaling your support and fulfillment network to your presence.

Optimized product warranty costs

Diagnose and troubleshoot a problem in advance to reduce No Fault Found returns and lower warranty expenses.

Integrated technology

Track customer interactions across multiple channels and stay on top of the customer experience at any time. Maximize the impact of every support channel and provide consistent information to customers’ problems.

Self-help solutions

Simplify the way customers get access to support. With B2X self-help solutions, we provide innovative and consumer-centric support journeys targeted for fast problem resolution. Let customers get the most out of their products by providing tips, tricks, and the latest news – and let them solve issues fast and on their own.

Your benefits:

  • Insights, tutorials and tips & tricks
  • Speedy problem resolution
  • Reduced product returns
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Low support and transactional cost

On-device support

Anticipate customer support needs and deliver practical tools to people on the go. B2X SMARTAPP is an innovative, easy-to-use self-service app providing a self help experience to customers.

Discover the benefits of B2X SMARTAPP

  • White-label on-device application
  • On-device diagnostics and optimization routines
  • Remote live support with a friend or B2X customer care expert
  • Data backup and restorage on-device or in the cloud
  • Anti-malware screening and protection

Web service portal

Resolve device returns for warranty repairs and obtain attractive offers for out-of-warranty repairs or trade-backs faster. B2X SMARTWEB is a lifestyle service gateway for better, more convenient online self-service: from tips and tricks, FAQs and troubleshooting to attractive protection plans or the right product repair options. As a white-label solution, B2X SMARTWEB can be easily customized and integrated into your existing ecosystem to stop silo solutions.

Discover the benefits of B2X SMARTWEB

  • Dynamic web-based support content
  • Real-time chat with B2X customer care experts
  • Recommerce of in-warranty and out-of-warranty returns
  • Sale of device protection plans
  • Direct link to the B2X service network
Watch the video
Watch the video
Watch the video

Assisted support solutions

Enable your customers to reach out for professional help wherever, whenever. B2X covers everything from personal customer advice to technical help for higher customer satisfaction – delivered by highly talented and passionate B2X care experts.

Your benefits:

  • Reduced product returns
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Low support and transactional costs
  • Seamlessly integrated omni-channel support
  • On-the-spot problem resolution

Walk-in centers

Give people the face-to-face support they expect. B2X provides the premium in-store support experience: from conception and design, to location setup, staffing and walk-in center operations – our turnkey solutions for service centers take customer support to a new level.

  • Mono-brand or multi-brand, stand-alone or shop-in-shop
  • Best support options for most common issues: software, system performance, battery, physical damages
  • Customer education and advice provided by B2X care experts
  • All repairs are performed by certified experts according to OEM standards
  • Service for in-warranty and out-of-warranty products
  • Sale of devices, accessories and insurance plans

Call centers

Provide exceptional remote support experience to increase customer happiness. B2X partners with leading call center providers to handle customer requests on every channel to ensure postive customer interaction.

Your benefits:

  • All call agents are certified B2X care experts trained on first time resolution
  • We provide tier 1-3 customer and technical support
  • Fast setup and integration of contact centers through restful APIs
  • Full visibility of agents’ transactions
  • Seamless call and contact imitation from our integrated self-help solutions

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