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SMARTCARE Technology

Overcome complexity and data inconsistency across the entire consumer support journey. Customers expect a seamless support experience across all online and offline service channels with relevant customer and product data be present on the spot.

B2X’s proprietary SMARTCARE Technology is a cloud-based enterprise service management solution supporting our customer care ecosystem delivering a consistent service experience all over the world. Get on top of all customer interactions, provide consistent information and problem resolution across all touch points. Leverage operational data and customer behavioral insights to control and optimize the customer channel experience, the service network and supply chain operations.

Our integrated enterprise technology intelligently connects the service front- and backend, breaks down data silos and provide actionable insights into customer interactions and delivery performance.

Maximum process efficiency
Eliminate inefficient processes and provide fast, reliabel information to get everyone in your organization aligned.

Data to action
Leverage the power of data to gain valuable insights into customer interactions and service incidents for fast, intelligent and personal responses to each customer.

Customer enablement and channel integration
Track transactions from channel to channel to streamline operations and provide visibility across all touch points within one framework to maximize the experience from the customer’s perspective.

Plug and play integration
Benefit from a fast and seamless integration of client and service partner systems and application layers through our full‐featured set of APIs.

SMARTCARE Technology modules


Connect operations and technologies fast and secure. B2X SMARTHUB easily integrates third party systems through restful APIs making our SMARTCARE Technology platform available to our clients and service partners in real-time. Compliance to the latest security protocols guarantee protection for all transactions and data processing.

  • CRM, Task Management, Work Force Management, Supply Chain & Stock Management, Service Backend Operations, Reverse Logistics



SMARTAPP enables manufacturer, insurance providers and sellers of smart mobile devices to deliver an innovative, cost-effective and easy to use self-service experience to customers.

SMARTAPP effectively reduces no-fault found returns (NFF) for smartphone companies and mobile network operators while drastically increasing first-contact resolution rates for most common customers problems.


Make your customers feel at home while you fix their problems – with B2X SMARTWEB.

Our consumer portals are a new, holistic approach to customer care, empowering your customers to proactively manage all aspects of their device ownership, including support, repairs, insurance, trade-ins and e-commerce.


Deliver a smarter and more insightful management and resolution of every customer interaction.

Triggered through call, email or chat in connected contact centers, B2X SMARTHELP lets customer, product and knowledge base information seamlessly and securely flow from frontline support channels into the agents’ hands.

Based on actionable insights and problem resolution recommendations, B2X customer care experts can focus on what they do best: to support and understand their customers and their problems.


Stay on top of performance and accelerate decision-making through full operational visibility by harnessing the power of data.

B2X SMARTANALYTICS provides real-time data visualizations and predictions to help you make better-informed decisions, reach business goals and deliver operational excellence.


Optimize repair management for all service incidents.

Our in-warranty and out-of-warranty repair and RMA management system works for both walk-in centers and factory repairs. B2X SMARTREPAIR facilitates live tracking of repairs, enables work-in-progress analysis and helps to significantly shorten repair turnaround times.


Simplify billing, claims administration and management processes.

B2X SMARTCLAIM automates the calculation of account payables and receivables based on the input from B2X SMARTREPAIR. It automatically validates claim and invoice data based on configurable business rules. SMARTCLAIM detects and resolves fraudulent claims and provides cash-flow control for your service partners.


Get full control over costly assets such as swap and exchange stock or spare parts .

Our technology ensures that moving targets of supply and demand are met relentlessly in just few clicks. Be it parts demand planning, consumption tracking, automated order management or stock balancing – the wide range of functionalities of our SMARTPARTS module enables us to optimize stock levels and reduce excess and obsolete material – so you always have the right parts at the right place.


Stay on top of logistics operations to meet customer expectations.

B2X SMARTLOGISTICS allows for efficient management  and a seamless flow of devices and spare parts in the service network. From Track & Trace product returns and spare parts shipments to mail-in solutions for your end-customers – B2X SMARTLOGISTICS provides real-time connectivity with your logistics partners, ensuring on-time deliveries all over the world.

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