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Redefine customer service processes and achieve higher performance.

Business Services

Intelligently transform your business into a strategic service organization. B2X’s Business Services provide superior business outcomes helping our clients to shape up and strengthen their service operations.

Combining our unique industry expertise, SMARTCARE Technology and applied data insights, B2X helps clients across the world to identify, build and implement the right customer service strategy and operational delivery model for electronic devices.

Performance increase

Maximize the efficiency of your repair and customer service network while optimizing your warranty and service cost.

Service compliance

Deliver consistently excellent customer care within your entire service network through compliance with our client-specific procedures, workflows and processes.


B2X combines service experts from various industries under one roof – for a better performance and happier customers.

Data visualization

Gain full visibility and control of operations including pre-alert management and real-time decision making through our applied data solutions & analytics.

Service operations

Manage your service network more efficently and optimize your performance. B2X gives you fast access to high-performing service networks, providing superior support and repair solutions.

As a single point of contact, we safeguard the right setup, balance and alignment of IT systems, to streamline your material, logistic and repair networks– while never losing sight of your cost, quality and customer satisfaction targets.

Service partner &
financial management

Discover how your business can benefit from our service partner & financial management:

  • Network tailored to your specific needs, including the selection, contracting and onboarding of leading repair services partners
  • Warranty claim management, validation and invoicing available on a single platform
  • Reduced fraud activities through the application of second level claim validation metrics in our proprietary claim validation system, B2X SMARTCLAIMS

Supply chain management

Discover how your business can benefit from our supply chain management:

  • Increased service levels in the network by avoiding stock-outs through optimized spare parts planning, order management and inventory balancing techniques
  • Global spare parts operations managed from a single source
  • High-class material recovery processes to maximize the use of your assets and reduce warranty cost

Technical services

Discover how your business can benefit from our technical services:

  • Our global Field Force of B2X Experts secure performance delivery and regular interactions with the service and repair network
  • Compliance to our client specific procedures, workflows and processes within the service network secured by highly-skilled auditors (financial, operational and technical view)
  • Technical service desk creates, manages and distributes relevant support content and service bulletins to the entire network to always keep knowledge and skill levels at the required standard

Service network and repair depot operations

Discover how your business can benefit from our service network & repair depot operations:

  • Unlimited workflows managed via B2X SMARTCARE Technology, tailoring each service and repair process to match our clients’ specific repair needs and eliminate extra work
  • Management of all returns on a single platform
  • Management of all repair site operations on a single platform from work-in-progress, turnaround times to yield and first-time fix rates.
  • Full performance visibility and simplified interpretation of captured data across the service ecosystem

Data solutions and analytics

Transform data into actionable insights to gain competitive advantage. B2X Data Solutions & Analytics let you explore limitless opportunities of visual data analytics: to understand the drivers of your service operations and to react to trends in a proactive manner.

Control tower

Drive efficiency and customer satisfaction through our central performance management hubs. Our intelligent, proprietary control tower leverages our data solution capabilities from end-to-end data collection to advanced automation.

Your benefits:

  • Real-time insights into all operational dimensions
  • Over 75% reduction of material shortages and stock-outs
  • Up to 15% reduction in warranty cost through avoidance of false claims
  • Increased on-time delivery and shortened turn-around time of repairs
  • Early warning alerts and exception management to resolve reverse and repair chain disruptions before they disrupt your business
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Watch the video
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Data analytics

Transform data into actionable insights and explore the infinite possibilities of visual analytics. Understand the real drivers of service operations and act on trends in a proactive manner.

Through its global customer care ecosystem, B2X has access to big data that grows every minute, every second. We know how to use it and how to turn it into a competitive advantage for our customers.

Your benefits:

  • Smartly collect, store and mine data from customer interactions and service operations
  • Intelligently harmonize data and put them into meaningful context you can trust
  • Produce exclusive insights that help increase operations efficiency and fast-track decision-making
  • Safeguard success of critical business outcomes such as revenue generation and cost reduction

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