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Single-source technology
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The post-sales platform powering electronic products
anywhere in the world, with any service and logistics

B2X offers smart and bespoke
post-sales solutions supporting a multitude
of electronic devices and technologies.

Managed service and logistics solutions powered by B2X will help you get the most out of your post-sales service. B2X is the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading technology brands. We develop turnkey solutions for value-added logistics, customer interaction and maintenance and repair helping tech brands expand their business faster.

  • All-in-one post-sales solution from a single source
  • Flexible 4PL operating model with maximum scalability
  • Excellent customer experience beyond fixing a product
  • End-to-end logistics, customer interaction and repair operations
  • Broad regional coverage for a complete service portfolio
  • Complete transparency thanks to integrated technology platform
  • Scalable service solutions for any volume cluster
  • Ideal platform for vendors with global expansion plans

Customer experience is becoming a decisive competitive factor in the technology business.

While features and functions of technological products are becoming less important, the focus has shifted on the customer experience – at every stage of the lifecycle. End-to-end post-sales solutions help address this challenge and maximize customer satisfaction.


Global scalability represents a major challenge for technology brands

Fast go-to-market and global presence are essential for long-term success in the technology market. Benefit from an agile 4PL model that automatically scales your service and logistics operations to your global presence and installed customer base.


Logistics, customer support and repair require availability around the clock.

Logistics, customer support and repair require availability around the clock.


Technology Post-Sales Solutions

Value-added Logistics

B2X offers comprehensive logistics solutions for the entire product life cycle – from configuration to distribution, and installation up to the returns management.

  • Warehouse management and product rollout
  • Hardware and software customizing and configuration
  • Returns management, testing and refurbishment

Maintenance & Repair

B2X offers a complete product support and repair ecosystem that maximizes product uptimes and accelerates break/fixes from product returns to professional repairs.

  • Hardware testing and diagnostics
  • Onsite and centralized depot repair and reconditioning
  • Refurbishment and material management

Customer Interaction

B2X operates end-to-end customer interaction solutions on behalf of technology brands addressing all essential support aspects.

  • RMA portal and return management solutions
  • Level 1 call center service and technical support
  • Remote access support for hardware diagnostics

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