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Peace-of-mind service
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Bespoke enterprise level maintenance and
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B2X provides a one-stop-shop service and logistics platform for manufacturers and operators of computing and office devices.

Get your customers the peace-of-mind service they need. B2X creates bespoke, integrated service and logistics solutions for computing and office devices. We help device manufacturers turn post-sales services into a competitive advantage and an effective brand differentiator. B2X is capable of supporting your customers wherever they are, with any question they might have.

  • Single point of control for enterprise-wide post-sales operations
  • Flexible delivery model from centralized to onsite services
  • Deep insights into critical service and fulfillment control points
  • All-in-one post-sales solution from a single source
  • Local service and logistics solutions with local fulfillment partners
  • Scalable service solutions for any volume cluster
  • Broad regional coverage for a complete service portfolio
  • Complete transparency thanks to integrated technology platform

Computers and office devices are pivotal elements of business operations.

High availability of desktop and notebook computers, servers and other office infrastructure is the deciding factor for stop or go in everyday business life. Longer downtimes are unacceptable – and manufacturers have a major post-sales service responsibility


Logistics, service and repair require availability around the clock.

If office equipment fails, entire business processes come to a standstill. In order to minimize business risks for customers, service and support are generally expected to be available around the clock. This places high demands on post-sales service.


Need for comprehensive coverage places high demands on post-sales.

Need for comprehensive coverage places high demands on post-sales.


Computing & Office Devices Post-Sales Solutions

Value-added Logistics

B2X offers comprehensive logistics solutions for the entire product life cycle – from configuration to distribution, and installation up to the returns management.

  • Warehouse management and product rollout
  • Hardware and software customizing and configuration
  • Returns management, testing and refurbishment

Maintenance & Repair

B2X offers a complete product support and repair ecosystem that maximizes product uptimes and accelerates break/fixes from product returns to professional repairs.

  • Hardware testing and diagnostics
  • Onsite and centralized depot repair and reconditioning
  • Refurbishment and material management

Customer Interaction

B2X operates end-to-end customer interaction solutions on behalf of computing and office device brands addressing all essential support aspects.

  • RMA portal and return management solutions
  • Level 1 call center service and technical support
  • Remote access support for hardware diagnostics

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