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Sustainability is the key to secure future generations and B2X’s future.

Environment, Health and Safety at B2X India

We at B2X recognize our responsibility as a corporate citizen.

As a global service company, we are facing special responsibility for worldwide challenges such as climate change, diminishing resources as well as health and secure working conditions along the entire value chain. Sustainability is the key to secure future generations and B2X’s future and thereby ensuring that all humanity can attain a healthy and enriched life.

B2X is committed to providing customer care products and services to customers in a safe, responsible manner that respects the health and safety of our employees, the environment, our customers, shareholders and the communities in which we operate.

We cooperate with all regulatory authorities and are constructive members of the communities in which we operate and engage with them to promote mutually beneficial Environment, Health & Safety objectives.

Repair Process

Spare parts sourcing: All spare parts required for servicing and repairing consumer electronic devices are imported and sourced within the country from suppliers authorized by the given brand or original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Spare parts warehousing: Once spare parts are imported, they are received in B2X’s warehouse for storage and further distribution within the service network of authorized service centers.

Logistics: Spare parts are distributed in the service network of authorized service centers using logistics providers managed by B2X.

Service network: Authorized service centers are on-boarded with B2X upon an in-depth due diligence process. Authorized service centers handle spare parts as part of the service and repair process for consumer electronic devices of brands and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) partnering with B2X.

Access to service and repair: For the best possible customer service experience, B2X offers customers the options to contact a certified walk-in service center operated or managed by B2X, or mail in their consumer electronic device for service and repair to an authorized service center.

E-Waste Collection & Recycling Process

E-Waste and spare parts take-back: Upon a completed service and repair, customers are requested to hand over the exchanged and defective spare parts to the authorized service center in the service network.

E-Waste and spare parts collection and return: Authorized service centers collect defective spare parts from customers after a completed repair process and return all collected E-Waste and defective spare parts to B2X’s warehouse.

Reverse logistics: E-Waste and defective spare parts are collected from all authorized service centers in the service network by a logistics service provider managed by B2X on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Warehousing: Once the defective spare parts are returned by the authorized service centers via the logistics service provider, the parts will be stored at B2X’s warehouse for further segregation.

Recycling and disposal: Once all E-Waste and defective spare parts are properly segregated, the E-Waste and parts are returned back to the respective brand or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or an authorized recycling service provider on a monthly or quarterly basis for further scrapping and disposal purposes.

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