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B2X Presents New After-Sales Solution for E-Scooter Manufacturers and Rental Companies

Leading after-sales service provider names Xiaomi as its first customer in the fast-growing e-scooter segment

Munich, 12 December 2019 – B2X, the leading provider of global customer and product service solutions for electronic devices, is now offering a comprehensive after-sales solution for e-scooters. With this solution, B2X is responding to the growing demand for new service concepts in the urban and micromobility market.

The rapid growth in the e-scooter product segment presents manufacturers and rental companies with enormous challenges in the after-sales sector. E-scooters are sometimes subject to enormous loads during day-to-day use. Mechanical components such as the chassis must withstand dirt, moisture and vibrations. Electronic components such as batteries must prove their durability in both cold and hot conditions.

Given these special operating conditions, e-scooter manufacturers and e-scooter rental companies must be prepared for regular maintenance services and quick repairs should damage occur. So far, however, there has been no comprehensive service network, which is why manufacturers and rental companies have been confronted with high levels of logistical coordination and considerable costs. This gap has now been closed by B2X’s new offering, which significantly reduces complexity levels for e-scooter manufacturers and e-scooter rental companies.

B2X has established a network of service partners with specific knowledge of service requirements and claims handling for e-scooters. Qualified technicians, some of whom have developed their own tools, are trained for the specific maintenance and repair requirements of this product segment. B2X also organizes logistics and packaging to ensure e-scooters are transported in a safe and cost-effective manner within the service network.

Xiaomi is one of B2X’s first e-scooter customers. The global technology leader is a pioneer in the urban and micromobility market. Its Mi Electric Scooter is one of the best-selling electric scooters in the world. B2X is an exclusive after-sales partner and manages the maintenance and repair of Xiaomi Electric Scooters in Spain and France, among other countries. Xiaomi reaps the benefits of a complete after-sales service solution that focuses on service quality and customer experience.

“With our after-sales solution for e-scooters, we are closing a gap in the urban mobility market that many suppliers have underestimated thus far. Manufacturers and rental companies are rightly focusing on rapid expansion in this incredibly fast-growing market. At the same time, however, customers demand a seamless service experience when it comes to maintenance and repairs. Our solution enables manufacturers and rental companies to focus on their business growth while benefiting from a turnkey after-sales solution,” says Alfons Krauthausen, Chief Executive Officer at B2X.

About B2X

B2X is the leading global provider of end-to-end customer care solutions for electronic devices. Founded in 2007, B2X helps many of the world’s leading electronics brands deliver innovative after-sales service experiences. The company’s unique positioning is based on a global service partner network and the SMARTCARE Technology platform empowering a digitally integrated customer care ecosystem.

With more than 500 solution and service partners in 140 countries, B2X is the premier after-sales service provider for mobile devices, consumer electronics, home automation, urban mobility, payment solutions and digital health.


Sebastian Bott
Vice President Group Sales & Business Development