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B2X Announces Double Digit Growth and Funding Developments for FY15

Customer Care Leader Achieves Nearly 60% Growth Following New Market Expansions and Launch of SMARTCARE Technologys


SAN FRANCISCO, CA and MUNICH, GERMANY – March 1, 2016 – B2X, the leading technology provider of customer care services for smartphones, today announced its company momentum for the last fiscal year, citing a two fold increase in customer base and an estimated 60 percent growth on related revenues as compared to last fiscal year. With its recent expansion into India, as well as the launch of its SMARTCARE Technology and SMARTAPP to support smartphone customers around the world, B2X has strengthened its position as one of the fastest growing customer experience providers for smart mobile consumers.

The company also announced the recent round of €7.5 million in funding, with another round of funds expected to close soon.

“B2X’s growth over the past year shows the critical role we play in the customer care journey and highlights our innovative approach to customer service offerings in the mobile industry as outgrow the market by far,” said Dieter Weisshaar, Chief Commercial Officer of B2X. “We have huge plans to further develop technologies that will change the customer service game and rapidly evolve B2X into a truly global company.”

B2X’s shift into a global leader is illustrated by the company’s growing success in the Indian market. Since the establishment of B2X India in October 2014, turnover in that division has increased 4.25 (400+ %) fold. More than 100 SMARTBARs have been rolled out across the country to support end-users for brands including Apple, Samsung and Motorola.

In addition to its market expansion, B2X has also won several new key clients for whom they will provide end-to-end customer service solutions, including fast-growing, Chinese brands like Xiaomi and OnePlus. “In this fiercely competitive market, top-notch customer service is a critical differentiator. This partnership with B2X will ensure our customers are satisfied and fully supported throughout the entire device lifecycle.“ says Mrs. Xu Leidi, Director Global Service One Plus as one of the fastest growing players in the industry.

A recent partnership with AIG, one of the biggest insurance companies in the world, enabled B2X to successfully expand its business into the insurance sector for customer support. Using its SMARTCARE technology and global service partner network, B2X manages customer service for insurance claims and out of warranty damages, such as cracked screens.

“We realized a huge growth potential for support and repair of devices outside the manufacturer’s warranty,” Weisshaar said. “The market size in this sector is around €38 billion globally, and with digital insurance as one of the hot topics for insurance players, clients need global support to handle claims. B2X can provide a superior service for digital consumers so insurance players can focus on their core business.”

About B2X

B2X is the leading global provider of end-to-end customer care solutions for mobile and IoT devices. Founded in 2007, B2X helps many of the world’s leading mobile and consumer IoT companies deliver a superior after-sales service experience. The company’s unique positioning is based on its global service partner network and its SMARTCARE Technology platform that connects everything to a digitally integrated customer care ecosystem. With more than 1,000 employees and over 500 trusted partners in 140 countries worldwide, B2X is the premier after-sales service provider for manufacturers, insurance providers, carriers and retailers.

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Kimberly Meyer
Head of Global Marketing & Communication
B2X Care Solutions

Chelsea Barone
Grayling for B2X