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Karim Barkawi

Founder and Member of the Board

Traditionally, customer care is fragmented, with different vendors focused on different parts of customer care services. As founder of an industry-leading supply chain and customer care solutions company, Karim set out to change this. He built a team that identified industry weak points and created a more effective process based on standardization, efficiency, and profit derived from that gained efficiency – a true win-win model. The result was B2X and its shared services platform.


Karim focuses on improving efficiencies in the customer care process by continually cultivating fresh ideas – both technological and operational – and recruiting the best people in the industry. His vision is for B2X to be the “go-to” company for any customer care challenge potential clients may face, and to be the type of company clients think of as nice and smart.


In 1994, Karim launched Barkawi Management Consultants, one of the largest and most successful supply chain and customer solutions companies in the industry. A combination of successful spin-offs, including B2X, form the basis of the thriving Barkawi Group.