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B2X PaaS is our answer when your post-sales services become complicated

The global economy presents companies with many opportunities and also new challenges. For example, when it comes to establishing a complete service and logistics network in a new market region or finding the right service and logistics solutions for a highly diversified product portfolio. And all of that needs to be done just in time as well. To overcome complex challenges of exactly this kind, we have developed B2X Platform as a Service (PaaS): a holistic post-sales solution that is quickly available when you need it.


A single solution for all service and logistics processes

With B2X PaaS, you get full access to robust resources for your post-sales: the B2X ONE IT Platform, B2X PaaS Operations Management and the B2X Service and Logistics Network. At the same time, you can continue using your already established partners.


Deep process integration of multiple functions

Unify stand-alone services such as repairs, on-site service or customer interactions in one single platform – both from a technical and organizational perspective. B2X PaaS helps you automate processes and generate greater transparency throughout the entire post-sales process.


Seamless scalability with predictable costs

As a platform-based solution, B2X PaaS gives you flexible contract and business models to choose from. Select the option that best suits your needs, e.g. a combination of a fixed monthly price and payment per service case.


Fast setup for short time-to-market

When time is of the essence, you can implement a fully functional B2X PaaS framework in as little as four to eight weeks, enabling you to be flexible and ready to act. What’s more, you can launch new products and services with a short time-to-market.


B2X ONE Technology

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B2X ONE Technology

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B2X PaaS Modules

ONE Technology Platform

At the heart of B2X PaaS is our all-in-one technology platform B2X ONE. It is specifically tailored to the requirements of digitalizing the post-sales of companies in the electronics industry and is equipped with a wide range of functions.

  • Integration of partner networks via standard APIs
  • Be informed about process deviations before malfunctions occur
  • Seamless customer journeys across all touchpoints
  • Transparent view of all service and logistics processes

PaaS Operations Management

Best-in-class customer service requires competent, experienced staff. The team of experts from B2X PaaS Operations Management proactively coordinates all service and logistics processes and stands ready with wide-ranging expertise whenever you need it.

  • Active process optimization based on best practices and KPI management
  • Fast onboarding through access to functioning structures
  • Higher customer satisfaction thanks to experienced employees
  • No additional costs for your own personnel and training

Service & Logistics Network

As a long-standing customer service provider, we boast an extensive network of capabilities for all post-sales activities. With B2X PaaS, you enjoy unlimited access to these resources, enabling you to find the best solution for your post-sales.

  • Easy access to a large professional service and logistics network
  • Tailored supplement to your own structures and partners possible
  • Consistently high quality throughout post-sales
  • Seamless scaling even for complex requirements

Learn More About B2X PaaS

Get the B2X Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution brief and find out how the holistic solution for effective post-sales management can help you make your service and logistics operations scalable and future-proof. Click here to download the solution brief with more details.

Additional Resources

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Frequently Asked Questions

B2X PaaS is a holistic service and logistics solution that combines active operations management with a modern IT solution. It consists of the three modules: B2X ONE, B2X PaaS Operations Management and B2X Service & Logistics Network.

With B2X ONE, you can largely automate recurring service and logistics tasks by creating process standards and a high level of IT integration.

With B2X PaaS, you get support for a wide range of challenges. This includes process support for installation, repair, on-site service and customer interaction.

B2X PaaS is specifically designed to be implemented in an incredibly quick manner. A go-live of the basic version with all the standard features is possible within 4-8 weeks.

Yes! B2X PaaS can be adapted precisely to your individual service and logistics requirements. This applies both from the IT perspective, which can be connected to our B2X ONE IT platform via standardized interfaces, and all manual processes.

We offer extremely flexible contract and business models that can be tailored to your individual requirements. For example, by combining a monthly fixed price with transaction-based remuneration (payment per service case).

Our service can be accessed across Europe.

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