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B2X ONE – the all-in-one technology platform for service and logistics networks management

Post-sales services are a complex and ever dynamic business. Reliable SLAs, high customer satisfaction and predictable business outcomes are an enormous challenge in view of global service networks with hundreds of service partners and thousands of touchpoints. B2X ONE is our technology platform enabling our clients to deliver innovative and seamless service journeys. It helps orchestrate and integrate omni-channel service networks – from a single service incident to a unified view on global service performance.


End-to-end visibility of core post-sales processes

Track essential service and logistics processes and enhance your operational performance. B2X ONE helps you create seamless post-sales service experiences across all channels. It ensures that key customer and product information is available when it is needed.


Detection of deviations before any disruptions

Reduce your post-sales business costs caused by anticipating problems before they occur. B2X ONE helps you identify process gaps and inefficiencies and provides all involved employees and partners with the information they need to prevent disruptions.


Seamless customer journeys from frontend to backend

Connect the touchpoints in your service and logistics ecosystem and enable a consistent post-sales experience. B2X ONE unites frontend and backend services, providing actionable insight into customer interactions and operational performance.


Agile partner connectivity via direct access or standard APIs

Benefit from seamless integration of your service and logistics partners. Via ONE Service OS partners can directly access our technology platform – or connect their existing post-sales service management systems to B2X ONE via standard APIs.


B2X ONE Technology

ONE Connect
ONE os
ONE Analytics

B2X ONE Technology

Service OS





ONE Service
to Cash


B2X ONE Technology Modules

ONE Service OS

ONE Service OS is the core of our technology platform. It is a holistic solution for the end-to-end management of service transactions and logistics processes. Thanks to a module microservices architecture, ONE Service OS simplifies the development and customization of post-sales applications and creates a seamless user experience for service partners and operations experts.

  • Robust inventory and warehouse management functions
  • Support for product configuration, distribution, onsite deployment and logistics
  • Intelligent RMA and returns management for defective products
  • Support of depot repair and field service processes

ONE Connect

Great customer experiences are the result of how convenient it is to interact with your brand. ONE Connect is a user-centric application for making it super-easy to capture service orders and incidents, whether through self-service web portals or integrated into call center applications. ONE Connect can be flexibly integrated and adapted to your brand’s look and feel.

  • Intelligently guided registration of service incidents
  • Tracking of service orders along the entire process
  • Knowledge base integration to prevent service cases
  • Integration into existing IT environments as whitelabel solution

ONE Bridge

As a lean application connector, ONE Bridge links our customer and partner systems through our platform. ONE Bridge offers purpose built APIs that cover all common messaging requirements in service and logistics – constant availability and fast integration guaranteed.

  • APIs for every application purpose, from asynchronous to real-time
  • Support for multiple formats, from file to RESTful API
  • Connects all objects along the supply chain up to analytics
  • Integration of latest security protocols and standards

ONE Logistics

ONE Logistics helps our customers and partners stay on top of logistics operations and access the global world of transport logistics. ONE Logistics allows for efficient management and a seamless flow of products and parts throughout the post-sales service network.

  • Direct integration with 600+ leading couriers worldwide
  • Real-time connectivity with logistics partners
  • Full traceability of each shipment incl. proof of delivery
  • Waybill creation for shipments and collections

ONE Analytics

ONE Analytics accelerates decision-making by harnessing the power of data. It provides real-time data visualizations and predictions to help our clients and partners make better-informed decisions, reach business goals and deliver operational excellence.

  • Comprehensive KPI and performance measurements
  • Bespoke and customizable dashboards
  • Real-time data visualizations and full visibility
  • Continuous data feed for up to date analytics data

ONE Service to Cash

ONE Service to Cash automates billing and claims administration in post-sales operations. It automatically validates claim and invoice data based on business rules. ONE Service to Cash detects and resolves fraudulent claims and provides effective cash-flow control.

  • Automated invoice and billing proposals
  • Dynamic and highly customizable approval workflows
  • Service and logistics partner master data management and rating
  • Integration with repair and warehouse management systems

ONE Academy

The continuous development of skills and talents is the prerequisite for high service quality. ONE Academy is the e-learning platform for service partners and operations experts. A smart knowledge base, extensive training and certification programs encourage continuous learning.

  • Extensive FAQ collection and knowledge base
  • Directly accessible service desk and ticketing system
  • Extensive practical online and video trainings
  • Certification according to manufacturer requirements

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Director Information Technology